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Posted on 05-15-2017

Common Advantages of Ultrasound from a Chiropractor in McMurray

Taking measures to address tendon pain from a chiropractor in McMurray, PA starts with clarifying your options. A treatment we offer in Anderson Chiropractic is ultrasound. Depending on your specific concerns, we may use ultrasound to encourage natural healing and reduce discomfort from the injuries.


A chiropractor in McMurray, PA may recommend ultrasound for tendon pain and similar injuries as a solution. Depending on your injuries, the advantages associated with the treatments may vary.

Common Benefits of Ultrasound

Common benefits of ultrasound in healing and chiropractic care include:

  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced swelling, particularly for acute injuries
  • Improved healing
  • Better collagen production after an injury
  • Improved blood flow to the injured area
  • Lower rates of toxins in the area
  • Encouraging healing while strengthening the area

Since the ultrasound encourages the body to heal, it helps strengthen the area. When your body produced collagen, it improves the strength of your body in the injured area. As a result, the area becomes stronger and you have lower rates of pain.

When to Consider Ultrasound

Ultrasound produces sound waves at different frequencies for a specific result. Generally, you want to consider the treatment when you have an injury to your body and want to encourage natural healing. We may also suggest the treatment when you have concerns about a sprained or strained muscle, ligament or tendon.

The treatment helps with tendonitis, swelling from an injury, pain in your joints that does not relate to arthritis or chronic conditions, certain medical conditions and injuries that may cause discomfort and pain without clear swelling or similar complications. We usually consider your specific situation before recommending the treatment for your goals. The ultrasound is not appropriate when you have fractures, since the sound waves may cause some pain and discomfort to a broken bone.

Call Us Today To Learn More!

Encouraging your body to heal and recover from an injury starts with identifying treatments that may help. In some situations, ultrasound improves your body's ability to heal. To learn more about the treatments we offer for pain management or for a chiropractic appointment, call 724-941-5805 today.

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