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Shoulder Pain Solutions at Anderson Chiropractic

When your shoulder is bothering, you may understandably feel as if you've lost one-quarter of your body's functionality. When your shoulder can't rotate or bear weight without pain, you may not be able to use the attached arm and hand to do your job, perform everyday errands, or engage in sports. Even restful sleep can seem impossible. But there are ways to ease shoulder pain without drugs or surgery -- and we can provide those solutions here at Alpine Chiropractic.

man suffering from shoulder pain

The Many Reasons for Shoulder Pain

The human shoulder is a "ball and socket"-style joint, which allows for a full range of rotation. but to actually perform those motions, the shoulder relies on a set of four muscles (and attached tendons) known as the rotator cuff. Fluid-filled cushions called bursae prevent painful joint friction. the shoulder is also served by nerves attached to cervical nerve roots. Malfunctions in any of these structures can cause shoulder pain. Examples include:

  • Referred pain - Your shoulder pain may actually be referred to a pinched nerve or other structure closer to the spine.
  • Dislocated shoulder - A shoulder can actually dislocate entirely from its socket, causing intense pain and paving the way for additional dislocation incidents
  • Frozen shoulder - If your shoulder is immobilized for a long time, it may become painful and stiff.
  • Strain and sprain injuries - Stretching or tearing of shoulder ligaments or rotator cuff muscles/tendons can cause acute or chronic pain.
  • Tendinitis - Some tendon damage takes place gradually, creating inflammation and chronic pain.
  • Bursitis - This pain is caused by inflammation and irritation of the bursae.

Natural Treatment from Our Chiropractor in McMurray PA

Our chiropractor in McMurray PA, Dr. Scott Anderson, can identify the underlying cause of your shoulder pain by evaluating your shoulder joint, musculoskeletal alignment, medical history and symptoms. In many cases, chiropractic adjustments to the upper spine can relieve nerve compression that was sending pain signals to the shoulder. If the shoulder itself is out of alignment, extremity adjustments can bring the joint components back into balance. Other treatments such as ultrasound and cold laser therapy can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and speed healing to damaged shoulder tissues.

Once your shoulder feels better, Anderson Chiropractic can help it stay healthy. We can provide periodic screenings, adjustments, and ongoing lifestyle advice to keep your shoulder as healthy, limber, and pain-free as possible.

Stop Suffering from Shoulder Pain -- Call Our Clinic Today

Life is too short to put up with shoulder pain. Stop suffering and call Anderson Chiropractic at 724-941-5805 for an evaluation and any necessary treatment. We're your non-surgical shoulder pain solution!

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